Author: Elise Slater

What Can a Good Structural Engineer do for Your Project

A structural engineer is a crucial addition to your construction project. The selection of the right engineer for the job is a critical component of the overall cost of your structure and operational efficiency. The important thing to know is a degree does not make someone a good candidate for what you are about to do, not at all. These persons have to have a particular set of skills in order to get the job done in a proper way and even more so, the ability to apply these skills when it’s needed. They need to make decisions and...

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Worlds Best Construction Projects

If you never gave it a thought, worlds best construction projects are quite admirable. Ranging from the International Space Station to industrial complexes, subways, dams, and airports, these are some of the largest and best construction projects the world has ever seen. These projects are much admired and some of them are widely reviled. One of the most stunning architectural achievements would be Terminal 1 in China. This International Airport in Beijing is the work of art and the man who stands behind is it the most famous architect in the world Zaha Hadid. Speaking of airports, there is...

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Entering the Construction Business, Things You Need to Know

Owning your own construction business is not that simple as people think it is. It can largely be rewarding but it takes a lot of effort, money and time. There are so many things that you need to think of like start up costs and various legal regulations, restrictions, laws, and procedures. Also, there are ways how you can represent yourself, do the marketing and finish your project in a timely manner. Everything about construction is time related. Each project has requirements, a budget, and a deadline when it needs to be finished. You need to commit yourself entirely...

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